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=O thanks for the front page feature!

2015-01-29 21:19:14 by NCH

Oh wow I never expected this feature at all! nobody even told me I would qualify for such a feature.

thanks alot to everyone who've supported and watch my works over the years. It had being quite a long ride through this 10years esp during the 7th year when I was diagnoised with cancer. thankfully I manage to leap back up and fought back cancer. And that was the turning point in my life to really do what I love to do, that is to put more time into my flash animations.

It was my goal to be a proniment flash animator in Singapore as I personally felt we didn't really have much flash animators locally here who would do flash cartoons independantly. I've found a few handfuls of local folks like Xennethy,fantasyblade. but its just too few. but nevertheless, I hope to continue climbing up my goals beyond that.


do support and sub my youtube channel too over at


will hope to push out more orginal content too other than the monster hunter series for newgrounds!


support my Youtube channel

2014-08-31 23:53:18 by NCH

hi, I've being recently start working on more content lately and puting up animations on both Newgrounds and Youtube.

so while you guys have watch my stuff here, do give a subscribe and some support over at my youtube channel! thanks alot and much apperciated.


2012-08-16 00:35:35 by NCH

so its finally released after many unforeseen circumstances.
there was alot of development going into it, but the final product has alot of the concepts and ideas cut out due to the constrains and the way it was programmed.
so with your support and critical feedback on the game, we hope the game will get a good following to push out a much more improved sequel.
I can see the suggestions of upgrades and new skills, and trust me, I have gone through all those pointers with chris jeff, but as said, it was unfortunate we couldnt push this concepts out for the first game(you can see how some areas of the game seem to be "undeveloped" ie, the custom bot creation room). but for the mean time, take platcore as a basic introductory game to something big to come in the future that we have planned for.


Rest in peace Edd.

2012-03-27 21:12:38 by NCH

So news just got out that Edd lost his fight against cancer and passed away.

being experiencing cancer before and surviving it. it greatly saddens me that Edd lost the battle against cancer.

Edd contacted me way back when I was still new at animation and stuff and we usually exchange convos once in a blue moon...

My last msn convo I had with him was a patient to patient talk with him sharing our experience with cancer and understanding each other's experience with cancer.
I believe it was me telling edd how I've finished my own chemotherapy treatment and wishing him the best in recovery from his cancer..

I always thought he was in good hands and he was doing pretty good with his treatment.

Edd shall be missed as hes probably the very few animators that are still making a statement and popularity back from the 2000 era to keep animating and still making it big
in this new age where many superior new generation indy animators starting to take over the old generation...
where most "famous animators" back in 2000 drop down the popularity radar and disappear mysteriously, Edd continues to work on his animations and draw in a huge supporting fanbase yet going through cancer treatment.

I'm amaze at his sheer determination and willpower to come up with animation after animation yet despite going through the experience and pain of cancer treatment which I myself have experienced first hand and I couldnt even bare the routine for 8months of it. it does make me feel ashamed given what he has undergone and yet he still delivers so much content.

Edd you have my sheer respect. it was regretful for me not being able to have the opportunity to visit you back when I was in london...

Rest in peace Edd.

hi folks. I'm NCH and a very disappointed Singaporean from singapore

I recently found out that our local media broadcast company, MediaCorp stole the newgrounds tank and use it as mere clipart in their titlecard.

I'm both shocked and disgusted about this.
heres my recording I did gTtI

I've already email tom-fulp on this issue so I hope he does something to this. cause I dont want to see mediacorp get away with it by using some corporate logo as clipart

NG tank logo stolen by broadcasting company!

situation to pokemon hunter2.

2010-12-27 06:02:44 by NCH

due to unforseen health conditions I've experienced for the past 3-4 months(health conditions that I will not talk about here unless you check up my Deviantart journals for the past couple months), pokemon hunter2 was unfortunately delayed cause of that.

but nevertheless, I'm still going to release an alternative that is still pokemon hunter2 related, but it will be some sort of promotional animation and also a announcement about my delay with the actual animation due to my health conditions I had.

so, before 2010 ends, I will have something up.

1st trailer for Pokemon Hunter 2.

2010-09-05 12:48:46 by NCH

Heres the first trailer for Pokemon Hunter2.

The animation will be finish before the end of 2010 and will have first premiere on newgrounds.Oh and thanks for the many suggestion of pokemons for the sequel since the debut for my first animation.

Spoilers, the trailer kinda shows what they are up against...

/* */


2010-06-27 23:53:16 by NCH

saw the last journal? disregard that as somehow that programmer jump the shark on me or something though the weird thing that he already commissioned me half of the agreed amount for the game graphics and assets...

don't know why he doesn't want to contact me back or at least be professional to tell me why he left/ignored me.

ANYWAY.... I started undusting pkmnhunter2.fla and started working on it again after almost half a year of hiatus on it. why? probably cause of the recent flash "pokemon fated encounter/battle" done by Tyrant-D had me going back up again to finish what I started ha.

I will try to have it finish by the end of 2010 as I always try to summit one animation a year as a minimum on my newgrounds acct.

its also not helping that I've being playing monster hunter tri alot lately, maybe my next animation project would be "pocket-monster hunter" hahaha who knows =3

some insights to the "Boss pokemon" for pkmn hunter2, its gonna be something quite "unique" after I saw some fanart of pokemon on the internet, keywords being fusion*


a flash game comming soon

2009-11-25 04:27:54 by NCH

Just to say that I'm working with a programmer on a zombie defense game and if its actually completed and playable, it would be my first successful finished flash game. Hope the game would be fun to play too. Below is a preview of how the zombies would look like and visiting ons-revamp-143684691 will show u the various zombie designs I did.

if anybody cares, yes, I'm actually developing on working out on pkmn hunter part 2, but its not gonna be out anytime any soon. still in development hell.

a flash game comming soon

the stealth cloaking effect in flash

2009-06-13 18:54:10 by NCH

hey guys, just wondering if anyone on newgrounds have ever done the stealth effect, would like to be directed to an animation who uses this effect.

but anyway, I recently created the predator/cloaking effect which is very useful for all your Metal gear solid, predator, starcraft or anything that requires a cloaking animation.

you can see the examples below these links at my DA ng-demo-part-2-125748739 h-cloaking-effect-demo-125699590

the animation was done without any scripting or frame by frame animation, all done by tweening

the stealth cloaking effect in flash