Entry #12

=O thanks for the front page feature!

2015-01-29 21:19:14 by NCH

Oh wow I never expected this feature at all! nobody even told me I would qualify for such a feature.

thanks alot to everyone who've supported and watch my works over the years. It had being quite a long ride through this 10years esp during the 7th year when I was diagnoised with cancer. thankfully I manage to leap back up and fought back cancer. And that was the turning point in my life to really do what I love to do, that is to put more time into my flash animations.

It was my goal to be a proniment flash animator in Singapore as I personally felt we didn't really have much flash animators locally here who would do flash cartoons independantly. I've found a few handfuls of local folks like Xennethy,fantasyblade. but its just too few. but nevertheless, I hope to continue climbing up my goals beyond that.


do support and sub my youtube channel too over at https://www.youtube.com/user/NCHProductions/


will hope to push out more orginal content too other than the monster hunter series for newgrounds!



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2015-01-29 21:49:46

Congratulations! You deserve it! Your 4chan City flash and later your Pokemon Hunter flash really helped me want to be an animator too.

Maybe we can play Monster Hunter together some day?


2015-01-29 22:34:40

It's been a pleasure having you here, keep the love alive :)


2015-01-29 22:54:12

Keep up the good work!! :D


2015-01-30 00:00:56

TheSalaryMan was a great movie and really struck a cord with me...
I will certainly look forward to seeing more from you in the future...


2015-01-30 01:05:12

You are inspirational and I would love to become a part of your Newgrounds fan base. Stay strong, do what you are doing so well and keep going!


2015-01-30 01:58:57

NCH-senpai why are you awesome as fuck


2015-01-30 13:07:28

Yours is the drill that will pierce cancer!


2015-01-30 22:35:08

Why the hell haven't I Favorited you yet?


2015-01-31 13:48:46

Wow, you were diagnosed with cancer? That's insane! Anyway, congrats on that frontpage feature! Your animations have always been somewhat of an inspiration to me. Also, I'll have you know that my monster hunting friends are big fans of your work ;)


2015-12-12 02:35:28

Thanks for making all of these flash animations man. I've been watching your work since I was 13 and I'm 19 now. You inspired me to make my own flash cartoons. They're not very good, but someday I hope to be as good as you are.

Have a nice life man!


2016-01-13 08:55:52

No need to be ashamed of your old work friend, I loved you back in the day without even knowing it was you. I rediscovered your monster hunter series later around the time 4U came out. You're a great animator and your jokes are wonderful, all of my friends love your videos and I share them every time I see them. I'm really sorry to hear you have cancer, I never considered the risk of this world losing you, or not getting to look forward to your animations anymore. I just hope you live forever honestly, we're glad to have you!


2016-02-08 17:34:13

Really appreciate your goal dude, it's inspiring. Hopefully you could pioneer new animation in Singapore!!


2016-10-22 17:09:27


Good luck all your success. :) <3


2017-10-23 14:13:19

Hey, love your stuff! I really hope to see /v/ vs /b/ on here at some point!