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Animation vs. YouTube Animation vs. YouTube

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I can assume you be flooded by praise by everyone on the internet on this latest work you've put into, but I'll try to break the mold and give some legitimate criticism since comments on animation hold more weight than your average youtube comment over there.

so first off, huge massive props on the amount of effort you put into this epic. I'm pretty sure you've put all meticulous detail in coordinating and planning out every shot along with the task of choosing the billions of YT video to specifically craft the scenes to your story.

I just kinda felt to me, dragged on too long. The impressive 16min long animation run time no doubt is impressive, but given the nature of the animation being contained in one scene for the entire run time is borderline uninspiring. Hence the tricky task of choosing the diff videos to show the different scenarios your stickmen and the youtube player can interact with.

which was fresh for the beginning, but as it drag on, more and more choice of videos felt the same. getting hit by objects, humans, youtube stars, being push by the shown force, most of the videos are playing on physical damage most of the time. there wasn't anything more beyond that, so that was kinda getting repetitive after the first 8mins into the animation.

it just felt like a long drawn padding out of scenes, and also lots of slowmotion to emphasis on the actions too. I guess this is due to the constrain of the medium you are showing too so the direction of this has to be that way too.

so yeah, I would have to say, to me, I felt the animation was stale... the only thing new suddenly was when they were able to go and upload themselve into youtube to defeat the youtube boss, that was something unique suddenly but at the last part of the animation.

basically my criticism is that, its just too drawn out. I actually could not sit through the entire animation in one sitting, had to pause and do something first before going back and watching it again. of course this is just being me, a 32year old adult watching this. I am pretty sure, If I was 10-15years old, I would sit through the entire length and proclaim this as the best animation ever I've ever seen.

I applaud to you of your immersive talent in getting this out through a span of a year? I assume the teaser you upload 7months ago already have some months put into working on it...and admire your drive and gusto that after over 10years of doing animation, you still able to find the drive to animate stickman genre.

am still a fan of your work ever since I was 20? and I wanted to write this just to point out some flaws that I personally felt watching your work at age 32. I await to see your next epic master-piece down the road.

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Define Intervention Define Intervention

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm glad I uploaded my mettaton NEO animation on this day, cause geting 2nd place got me to see who got first, and this is truly deserving every recognition it can get.

its something I always had in my mind and this animation just show everything I always thought...I'm now enlightened!

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Boba Fett - Red Dawn Boba Fett - Red Dawn

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I was actually really impressed with your intro and establishing shots/sequences that it got me pretty engaged and invested into the animation until I kinda didnt expect what I saw.

was there any reason that you didnt really animated boba getting himself out of the Sarlacc pit? like showing how it looks like inside, and what he attempted to get himself out of the pit.... instead it felt like you skip a huge chunk of animation and got to the point where hes already out and shot some other poor dude's body off and chucking a bomb back into the pit.

say it as quite a disappointment as I kinda actually expected more out of it. the intro and ending sequence were done exceptionally well, its just weird on how you handle the middle scene.

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Theia Theia

Rated 1 / 5 stars

its like dragon's lair

you know this game, dragon's lair by the animator don bluth? your animations are like dragon's lair. highly detailed animation of walking, drilling. taking lots of time for each sequence to end. probably maybe its your game mechanic to deliberately make the drilling animation to be painfully long.

also in dragon's lair, the game is super strict in its collision detection. same like your game, where you precisely need to be in the center of the boulder to push it and so on.

put all this factors in and boss levels that need super precision timing and pacing makes this game really really frustrating. I stopped playing after winning the second boss cause it just grits my nerve on how precise the timing is needed to escape from the lava.

hit a wall for a second? guess you can kiss your ass goodbye as you have no more time to escape from the lava.

puzzle games with such precision and speed factors just don't make a good game at all.

props for the don bluth animation of your character sprite though. could had use a frame or 2 lesser.

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Toonimated responds:

and get to the final boss (with a password in your case) and you'll see something really peculiar!